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How the IDF aids thousands of wounded Syrians - Kobi Finkler

by Kobi Finkler

[Editor: Think of this video the next time you hear Israelis compared to Nazis. THIS is who we really are - doing tikun olam [improving the world] in real time. I'm so proud to be a Jew and an Israeli!!]

When Brigadier General Yaniv Asor arrived two years ago to command the IDF’s Golan Division during the murderous fighting in Syria, he concluded that steps must be taken to aid both sides in the conflict.

The IDF has been assisting the wounded in Syria in unprecedented numbers. Since the beginning of the fighting there, some 3,000 wounded have been treated in Israel, and about 1,000 children and their parents have been admitted for medical treatment.

"Only yesterday, two children underwent cardiac surgery at the Sheba Medical Center, their operations funded by the Peres Center for Peace," Asor related.
The commander of the "Good Neighbor" branch of the IDF responsible for providing aid to Syrians, Lt. Col. A., related that, after the IDF learned that a local clinic in Syria had been bombed, the defense establishment rushed to send a medical team with equipment to help those in need.
Asor also said that "there was not a single terrorist attack from the area in which the rebels operate (where the locals are being held). This shows the importance of our work in cooperation with 'Good Neighbor'."

Photography: IDF Spokesperson

Kobi Finkler


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Can Trump Lead the Way to Regime Change in Iran? - Hassan Mahmoudi

by Hassan Mahmoudi

What is needed now is a push for regime change, a watering of the seeds of popular resistance that are again budding -- after Obama abandoned the Iranian people in 2009, when they took to the streets to protest the stranglehold of the ayatollahs.

American leadership expert John C. Maxwell defines a leader as "one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." During his two terms in the highest office in the world, former U.S. President Barack Obama failed at all three, with disastrous consequences.

There is no realm in which Obama's lack of leadership was more glaring than that of foreign policy, particularly in relation to the Middle East. His combination of action and inaction -- pushing through the nuclear deal with Iran at all costs, while simultaneously adopting a stance of "patience" with and indifference to Tehran's sponsorship of global terrorism and foothold in Syria -- served no purpose other than to destabilize the region and weaken America's position.

While hotly pursuing the nuclear accord -- the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Iran and U.S.-led world powers in July 2015 -- Obama enabled the regime in Tehran to assist Syrian President Bashar Assad in starving and slaughtering his people (with chemical weapons, among others) into submission. Meanwhile, thanks to Obama's passivity, and the $1.7 billion his administration transferred to Tehran upon the inking of the JCPOA, the Islamic Republic was able to dispatch its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) to recruit and train Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and Syria, as well as militias in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan.

Today, two years after the signing of the JCPOA, and six months into the presidency of Donald Trump, there is a growing rift between America and Europe over implementation of the deal, which officially went into effect in January 2016. Since taking office in January 2017, Trump has been wavering on whether to remain committed to the deal, which his administration and members of Congress claim has been violated repeatedly by Iran. The U.S. also has maintained certain sanctions, over Iran's ballistic-missile tests, human-rights abuses and sponsorship of global terrorism.

European countries, however, have taken a very different approach, pointing to International Atomic Energy Organization reports confirming Iran's compliance, and rushing to do business in and with Tehran.

At a ceremony on July 14, 2017 to mark the anniversary of the deal, European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called the JCPOA a "success for multilateral diplomacy that has proven to work and deliver," adding, "This deal belongs to the international community, having been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council, that expects all sides to keep the commitments they took two years ago"

Meanwhile, when reports emerged about Trump being "likely" to confirm on July 17 that Iran has been complying with the deal -- and because the law requires that both the president and secretary of state re-certify the deal every three months -- four Republican senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, with a copy to Trump, urging him not to do so.
The letter reads, in part:
"...In April, you certified Iran's compliance for the first 90-day period of the Trump administration. That certification was understandable, given the need to grant time for the interagency review of the JCPOA that you described in the certification letter you sent to House Speaker Paul Ryan.
"But now ... U.S. interests would be best served by a sober accounting of Iran's JCPOA violations ... of regional aggression, sponsor international terrorism, develop ballistic missile technology, and oppress the Iranian people. Iran's aggression directly targets the United States...a continuation of current policy would be tantamount to rewarding Iran's belligerence... German intelligence agencies in 2015 and 2016 reported that Iran continued illicit attempts to procure nuclear and missile technology outside of JCPOA-approved channels.
"... Perhaps most concerning is Iran's refusal to grant international inspectors access to nuclear-research and military facilities. International Atomic Energy Agency ("IAEA") inspectors are entitled to visit any location in Iran to verify compliance with the JCPOA's ban on nuclear weapons development. However, Iran's refusal to grant inspectors physical access and other forms of access makes it possible-if not highly probable, given Iran's history of duplicity-that it is concealing additional violations of the JCPOA.
" is highly questionable whether the United States can under current arrangements ever gain high confidence that Iran's nuclear-weapons development has indeed ceased. ..."
The senators are correct. Iran never had, nor has to this day, any intention of forfeiting its bid for regional and global hegemony.

Nevertheless, Trump decided, after all, to re-certify Iran's compliance with the JCPOA. Ahead of his doing so, however, the administration issued a series of reassurances -- in the form of talking points -- that the Treasury Department would impose sanctions on Iranian government entities and individuals, to punish the regime for its nefarious activities. According to BuzzFeed, these include ballistic-missile development, support for terrorism and the Assad regime, cyber-attacks against U.S. targets, the unjust arrest and imprisonment of American citizens and others.

A few months into the current administration in Washington, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps strategist Hassan Abbasi boasted that Iran would lead "global guerilla organizations" against American military and vulnerable targets:
"If only 11 people carried out 9/11, do you realize that the possibility exists for us to do what we want? We don't need nuclear weapons. ... It won't even be an Iranian-only guerrilla movement, but from all Islamic countries. You can deport all the Muslims, but we are involving and working on Mexicans as well, and Argentinians too. We will organize anyone who has problems with the United States."
It was Obama's refusal to recognize, let alone acknowledge, this Iranian ambition that led to his utter appeasement of Tehran and subsequent signing of the JCPOA. It is up to Trump to do more than merely keep the nuclear accord at bay by leaving certain sanctions in place -- or even canceling it.

Hassan Abbasi, a strategist for Iran's Revolutionary Guards, recently boasted that Iran would lead "global guerilla organizations" against American targets: "If only 11 people carried out 9/11, do you realize that the possibility exists for us to do what we want? We don't need nuclear weapons..." (Tasnim News Agency/Wikimedia Commons)

What is needed now is a push for regime change, a watering of the seeds of popular resistance that are again budding -- after Obama abandoned the Iranian people in 2009, when they took to the streets to protest the stranglehold of the ayatollahs.

At the annual "Free Iran" rally, held in Paris on July 1, 2017, an estimated 100,000 Iranian dissidents and hundreds of politicians and other world dignitaries gathered to call for a renewed effort to topple the regime in Tehran. Members of the U.S. delegation to the event -- among them former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and former U.S. Army Chief of Staff and Commander of the Multi-National Forces in Iraq General George Casey -- issued a joint statement saying, in part:
"We believe that change is within reach, not only because the regime is becoming engulfed in crisis, but also because there is a large and growing movement organizing for positive change. A viable organization capable of ending the nightmare of religious dictatorship by establishing freedom and democracy, tolerance, and gender equality has steadily gained visibility, popular support and international recognition."
Let us hope that Trump takes heed and turns out to be the leader who "knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate, specializing in political and economic issues relating to Iran and the Middle East. @hassan_mahmou1


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UNESCO is an Immoral, Anti-Semitic Organization - Guy Millière

by Guy Millière

No serious scholar can find any trace of a "Palestinian people" before the 1960s. Europe has apparently been all too happy to accept lies.

  • Although Europe claims to respect human rights and the rights of peoples, it has been a party to violating the most essential right of the Jewish people: the recognition of its existence for more than 3,000 years, and the anchoring of this existence to its sacred monuments. Worse, Europe does so in the name of a people fictitiously invented less than 50 years ago. No serious scholar can find any trace of a "Palestinian people" before the 1960s. Europe has apparently been all too happy to accept lies.
  • While claiming to fight terrorism, Europe complies with the demands of a terrorist movement that does not even bother to hide its terrorist nature. When Mahmoud Abbas speaks Arabic, he continually incites the murder of Jews. He recently repeated that he would not stop paying tried, convicted and imprisoned murderers of Jews, and still calls these murderers heroic "martyrs". On all maps used by the Palestinian Authority and in Palestinian textbooks, Israel does not exist; it is called Palestine.
  • Europeans, imbued with a generic sense of guilt, began attributing all that is wrong in the world to Western civilization. Because they had colonized parts of the Muslim world, they failed to note that Muslim culture had, in fact, colonized Persia, the Byzantine Empire, the Middle East, Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, North Africa, Southern Spain, and, more recently, northern Cyprus.
On July 7, UNESCO voted for a resolution defining the Old City of Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian heritage sites. Before that, in 2016, two resolutions making the same type of counterfactual assertions concerning the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall were adopted. And the year before that, in 2015, UNESCO again upended history to rename two ancient biblical sites, Rachel's Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs, Islamic holy sites -- even though Islam did not even exist at that time.

Three days before this month's Hebron resolution, still another resolution, reaffirming the Jerusalem resolutions, was passed.

The Israeli government reacted with indignation. It decided to stop cooperating with UNESCO. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said she was shocked and that the decision would not be without consequences.

The rest of the world has remained silent. How come?

The July 7 resolution received the support of a large majority of the countries participating in the deliberations. Six countries abstained. Only three countries voted against the text. The resolutions concerning Jerusalem were adopted with equally significant majorities. The voting, tellingly, took place by secret ballot.

The purpose of UNESCO is supposedly to:
"contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among the nations through education, science and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations."
Sadly, UNESCO has become simply an anti-Semitic fraud, governed by fabrications rather than by facts. It betrays its mission, falsifies history, and wages a campaign of raw racism against the Jewish people and Judaism -- and the world accepts that. UNESCO acts as an instrument for propaganda seeking to annihilate the legitimacy of the existence of Israel -- and the world supports this behavior.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which aspires to replace Israel with itself, is behind the resolutions on Jerusalem and Hebron and plays a key role in the transformation of UNESCO. The PA has constantly advocated and supported terrorism and has never stopped wanting to destroy Israel. Allowing the PA to have entered UNESCO is now having serious consequences.

That the Muslim world supports the transformation of UNESCO and the resolutions proposed by the Palestinian Authority is predictable. Many Muslim countries directly or indirectly finance terrorism and approve the PA's genocidal goals. A large part of the Muslim world mentally lives in a parallel reality, in which a seventh century "Muslim history" of the world replaces the factual history of the world. The Muslim world considers itself in a conflict with the Western world, and sees Israel as a Western enclave to be excised or at least suppressed.

That Third World countries also support the transformation of UNESCO and these resolutions is also predictable. Many Third World countries are imbued with an anti-Western resentment that leads them to conclude that that they are in a conflict with the West and must therefore support decisions taken by the countries of the Muslim world.

What is worrying is that most European countries, with few exceptions, accept these resolutions and the transformation of UNESCO.

Seven decades after the Holocaust, European countries act as if they would like to destroy all evidence of the existence of Jews -- and with it, their own complicity.

Europe, while claiming that it has the utmost respect for knowledge, tramples on the most basic elements of knowledge. No worthy historian can deny that Jerusalem -- especially so-called East Jerusalem -- was the seat of the City of David; the first and second Temples that were destroyed in 586 BC and 70 AD; the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Hebron, Rachel's Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs are also essential places of the Jews' biblical past. The Islamic invasions of Jerusalem and Judea took place centuries later.

Moreover, although Europe claims to respect human rights and the rights of peoples, it has been a party to violating the most essential right of the Jewish people: the recognition of its existence for more than 3,000 years, and the anchoring of this existence to its sacred monuments. Worse, Europe does so in the name of a people fictitiously invented less than 50 years ago. No serious scholar can find any trace of a "Palestinian people" before the 1960s. Europe has apparently been all too happy to accept lies.

Despite claiming to be resolutely hostile to anti-Semitism, Europe supports and endorses decisions that deny the Jewish character of the most essential Jewish sites, thereby denying the foundations of Judaism and consequently even denying the existence of a Jewish people.

Although self-righteously claiming to be ready to fight any form of genocide, Europe keeps contributing to this more subtle genocide against the Jews, behind which it is not difficult to see a Palestinian desire for real genocide.

While claiming to fight terrorism, Europe complies with the demands of a terrorist movement that does not even bother to hide its terrorist nature. When Mahmoud Abbas speaks Arabic, he continually incites the murder of Jews. He recently repeated that he would not stop paying salaries to tried, convicted and imprisoned murderers of Jews, and still calls these murderers heroic "martyrs". On all maps used by the Palestinian Authority and in Palestinian textbooks, Israel does not exist; it is labelled as Palestine.

The director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Lebanon, Ann Dismorr, poses with a map devoid of any trace of the State of Israel, instead presenting it as a map of "Palestine," May 2013. (Image source: Palestinian Media Watch)

A decade ago, a Spanish writer, Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez, wrote that Europe died in Auschwitz. He may well be right.

In 1945, Europe, the continent of Nazism, was in ruins, physically and morally. It had caused a World War so gruesome -- the crimes committed on its soil were so abominable -- that it did not have the courage to face them for more than two decades.

Europe rebuilt itself by affirming noble-sounding values of "integration" ​​in the abstract, but without any thought to where they could lead.

As Europe had made Nazism the source of all evil, European leaders, in a desperate attempt to ward off their past, came to reject nationalism, patriotism, all Western national identities and now, it appears, even Western Enlightenment culture.

Most European countries, to show that they had fully turned the page, advocated peace at any price and gradually slipped into a spirit of submission.

Europeans, imbued with a generic sense of guilt, began attributing all that is wrong in the world to Western civilization. Because they had colonized parts of the Muslim world, they failed to note that Muslim culture had, in fact, colonized Persia, the Byzantine Empire, the Middle East, Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, North Africa, Southern Spain, and, more recently, northern Cyprus.

Europe has rewritten history. In the textbooks of most European countries, the West is described almost unanimously as having "plundered" and "exploited" poor countries; never mind that poor countries were for centuries just as plundered and exploited by the Ottoman Empire. Europe has gradually abandoned itself to exaggerated repentance and Islamic influence.

In Europe today, Islam is inaccurately presented as imbued with tolerance and as having been "humiliated" by the West. Slavery is portrayed solely as a Western crime, despite still being common in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Sudan and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

In 2014, the United Nations estimated that 21 million people are still "trapped in slavery" -- a number equivalent to the entire population of Romania. In Europe, however, slavery in the Muslim world is never mentioned. Islamic anti-Semitism is never mentioned, either. It is thought of merely as a "far-right" monstrosity.

Europe began to face the horror of the Holocaust only in the late 1970s, when an American television series, Holocaust, directed by Marvin Chomsky, was broadcast. A "duty of memory" was proclaimed.

At the same time, Europe was becoming increasingly anti-Israel -- considered by polite society a respectable way of hating Jews.

Europeans now accuse Israel of "crimes" under the pretext of supporting the "Palestinian cause". Europeans do not support genuine help for the Palestinians, such as freedom of speech, more and better jobs, human rights or uncorrupt governance; they just support the noble-sounding abstract idea of a "Palestinian state" -- but one that would like to eliminate Israel. The destruction of Israel, under the name of the "peace process" became for European leaders a way to show that they sympathized with Islam, "understood" the "mischief of the West ", and were searching for a way to exonerate themselves from their guilt regarding their treatment of the Jews -- while at the same time, surreptitiously, continuing to undermine them.

The thinking seems to be: if Israeli Jews are supposedly committing crimes similar to Nazi crimes -- which they are not -- one can claim that anyone can be a Nazi, even Jews; that accordingly the Jews are not so innocent, after all, and therefore deserve whatever might be coming to them.

Israel, the country that Europeans love to hate, is thereby not only made to embody the "mischief of the West" in the eyes of the Muslim world; it can comfortably be accused of anything without fear of retaliation.

Israel also happen to embody what Europe rejects: it is a nation-state proud of its identity. It does not have the luxury of talking blindly about "peace" while submitting to its enemies.

By accepting the decisions taken at UNESCO, European countries are unfortunately taking yet more steps in the direction of cowardice and their own self-destruction.

In a speech on July 5 in Warsaw, US President Donald Trump, recalling the accomplishments of Western civilization, observed that the fundamental question of our time is whether or not the West has the will to survive.

Just two days later, the UNESCO resolution on Hebron was voted on in Krakow, fewer than 50 miles from the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Before the vote, Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israel's ambassador to UNESCO, remarked that the UNESCO meeting was held near the largest mass grave of the Jewish people. His remarks clearly did not faze any of the participants, or induce anyone in Europe to think about the symbolic dimension of a vote like that in a place like that. Obscenely -- and in a massive insult to the memory of those who died in Auschwitz -- a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the Holocaust was immediately followed by a minute of silence in memory of the "victims of Israel". The Europeans, in other words, participated in one minute of silence for a free and democratic country which for seven decades has sued for peace, and one minute of silence for a repressive government that promotes and sponsors terrorism. Such a false moral equivalence could not have been more illuminating.

Europe has turned its back on Judaism -- which brought the first social laws to the West, and without which the West would not exist. By behaving ignominiously towards Israel and the Jews, and by supporting the anti-Jewish hatred ingrained in the Palestinian cause, as embodied by the Palestinian Authority, Europe continues to turn its back on all the values ​​it professes to embody. One can only assume that Europe has lost the will to survive as a part of the West.

Israel and the United States, on the other hand, by being outraged over what has become of UNESCO, at least show respect for the values that have made the West great.

Showing full respect for these values, however, still involves a decision that should have been taken long ago: leaving UNESCO. Countries that still have a sense of decency have no place in an organization that has become so corrupted.

Israeli journalists have attributed responsibility for the murderous attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on July 14 to these recent UNESCO resolutions, which have only emboldened Israel's enemies to continue their attempted genocide.

UNESCO's latest decision -- defining Jerusalem as "Palestinian" and supposedly as "illegally occupied" -- has led Israel's enemies to conclude that UNESCO has given attacks in Jerusalem or Hebron a green-light legitimacy. Based on UNESCO's fraudulent decisions, who can blame them for thinking that?

Guy Millière, a professor at the University of Paris, is the author of 27 books on France and Europe.


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Family of Jewish woman murdered in Paris moving to Israel - Yori Yalon

by Yori Yalon

Hat tip: Dr. Jean-Charles Bensoussan

William Attal, 62, says since his sister, Dr. Sarah Halimi, was brutally murdered by a Muslim intruder, his children have pressured him to move the family to Israel

William Attal outside a synagogue in a Paris suburb
|Photo credit: Yori Yalon

The late Dr. Sarah Halimi

Yori Yalon


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The Syrian refugee tragedy in Lebanon - Dr. Mordechai Kedar

by Dr. Mordechai Kedar

A Syrian living in Paris sends an angry and emotional letter to the world - and particularly to the Lebanese.

Earlier this July, Fahad Almasri, a Syrian living in Paris, published the following document: (my comments are in parentheses, M.K.)

Open letter on the Syrian refugee tragedy in Lebanon

To the Secretary General of the United Nations, the permanent  members of the Security Council,  monarchs, presidents, prime ministers and emirs of Arab states, the secretary of the Arab League, the High Commissioner  for  Refugees, the heads of human rights NGOs and the world's refugees.

Paris, July 3, 2017

The Lebanese city, Arsal, has borne witness as a new and terrible chapter unfolds in the saga of persecution suffered by Syrian refugees. The Lebanese army and Hezbollah terrorist militias perpetrated a horrible massacre in two Syrian refugee camps, Alnor and  Alkariya on June 30, 2017, murdering 10 Syrian citizens. One of them was a young girl run over  by army vehicle chains, another an elderly amputee in a wheelchair. There were tens of injured and close to 400 detainees who were shamed, beaten and tortured.

.Arsal borders on the Alkemon region of Syria, and has 117 Syrian refugee camps housing over 100,000 refugees, most of them from the Homs district., Alkemon, and the rural area to the west of Damascus.  (They are all Sunnis who fled to Arsal because  Arsal is the only Sunni city in a sea of Shiite Lebanese villages loyal to Hezbollah).

Arsal's residents  paid a high price for their loyalty to the Syrian – Sunni - people and the Syrian-Sunni rebellion (against the Alawites who are Shiite-backed.)

In their attack (on the refugees) the Lebanese army and  Hezbollah employed bombs, live ammunition and armored cars, causing deaths, injuries, the destruction of  tents and their contents, leaving panic-stricken women, children and elderly persons, while using ridiculous excuses to explain their actions. Some of the fighters, Hezbollah terrorists, humiliated the women by conducting body searches, stripping and shaming them in public.

On June 8th, three weeks before the attack on the refugee camps in Arsal, we warned of its imminent occurrence based on exact intelligence reports reaching us from organizations that disclosed Hezbollah's plans and intentions. These plans were coordinated with Daesh so that they would take place in an atmosphere of fanaticism and moral turpitude, demanding of the refugees that they return to the areas in Syria from whence they came and  which are now not under Assad forces' control.

The Lebanese government, completely taken over by the terrorist Hezbollah, claims mendaciousy that there are Syian armed fighters and terrorists in Arsal. A look at the situation proves this claim to be spurious, since there is no document or other proof to be seen, nor is there physical evidence of infiltration. In fact, the Arsal area is surrounded and laid siege to by Lebanese army and Hezbollah militia units. No suicide bomber or any stranger at all can enter the camps because of the manned and carefully supervised checkpoints.

It would be fitting for the Lebanese army, so brave when it comes to facing hapless unfortunates,  the weakened, poverty-stricken and desperate refugees, to show its mettle by letting the Lebanese, Arab and international public know how the armed-to-the-teeth Hezbollah militias, along with their weapons, heavy military vehicles and equipment, somehow managed to enter Syria and bomb it with artillery and rockets from the highest points of the Hermel range and the areas opposite the village of Kutsir.

Can the Lebanese army explain how Hezbollah militias managed to hold a military parade last year in the Syrian city of al-Quseir, – conquered on November 11, 2016 – marching with American and Western tanks, APCs and army vehicles belonging to the Lebanes army? What does the Lebanese state intend to do about the thousands of dead and wounded citizens who crossed into Syria to join Hezbollah militias?

We demand that the international community send UN forces to the Syria-Lebanon border in order to prevent Hezbollah involvement in Syria and attacks on Syrian soil which originate in Lebanon. These attacks prove the falsity of Hezbollah and Lebanese government claims that there is terrorist infiltration from Syria to Lebanon.

We demand that the international community send a UN Investigative Committee to Lebanon to search for the chemical weapons Hezbollah obtained from Syria during the course of 2013. We demand that the search include all Hezbollah arsenals containing weapons of mass destruction and located in Lebanon, especially as Mount Senin, Uyun Arghash, Jard al-Yamouna near Mishmish, between Jard al-Harmal and Jard Akkar.

We demand that the international community carry out air attacks to destroy the secret tunnels Hezbollah has dug between Syria and Lebanon. This will stop the arms smuggling between the two countries. These air attacks must include Hezbollah weapons arsenals in the rural outskirts of al-Quseir, and those west of Damascus, as well as the border way-station used by Iran and Hezbollah for storing arms before smuggling them into Lebanon.

We demand that the international community attack Hezbollah military concentrations in rural areas near Homs, this in order to enable the Syrian refugees now in the Arsal camp to return to their homes, especially those from the city of  al-Quseir and the villages of  al-Fadila, Zeita, al-Jantila, Kukran, al-Diabia, Ballouza, Hawik, Matraba, al-Safsafa, al-Hammam and Wadi Hanna.

The continued silence of the international community regarding the Syrian holocaust, its profiting from the blood and suffering of the Syrian people and the demise of any possibility of achieving a just solution in Syria, will generate more violence, bring on new and catastrophic crises. Everyone will pay if there is no attempt to put an end soon to this tragedy of historic proportions, an eternal mark of Cain on the forehead of the entire world. 

O, ye people of Lebanon!

We condemn in the strongest terms the treasonous collaboration of politicians and leaders who took part in the Lebanese regime along with Hezbollah, well aware that this means taking part in the Syrian genocide, destruction of its towns and villages and the conquest of its soil.

The political and moral turpitude is truly saddening, truly revolting, especially so when Lebanese join forces with those who turned Lebanon into a handmaiden of the stupid Iranian command force, supporting those who filled the bitter cup of the Syrian and Lebanese peoples with useless wars, ignoring the fact that Assad murdered so many of Lebanon's political, cultural, media and intellectual elite, kidnapping their sons and incarcerating them in his prison camps.

The Syrian people were never at all hostile to Lebanon and its people, had no hand in the recent conquest of Lebanon by their criminal ruler, Assad. The Lebanese, who have had their fill of troubles caused by Assad's regime, should join the Syrian people in their time of trial, or at least remain neutral.

The Syrian people did not begin their rebellion for any reason other than a quest for liberty, social justice and self-respect. We have no problems with the Shiites or any other group (read Alawites). We have no deep-seated problem with Hezbollah either, except that it began attacking our country and killing our citizens. 

We consider our rebellion one of persecuted and downtrodden people - every son of ours who becomes a victim is like Hussein (son of Ali, Shiite founder), every victimized daughter like Zinab (daughter of  Ali, sister of Hussein). Our people's lot is to be like Jesus who bears the pain of the entire Umma on his back, and there  will be no liberty for Lebanon and the entire Middle East unless Syria is free. All must realize that the Syrian people have paid and will pay the price of liberty for the entire East.

O, ye people of Lebanon!

The Syrian people will never forget all the Lebanese liberals who stood at its side but will also never forget to hold a day of reckoning with those who wronged us. Imagine how we are going to confront one another in post-Assad Syria and how you will be hit with the retribution the New Syria imposes on Lebanon and a good many Lebanese. Imagine the amount of reparations that will be demanded from you and all those who had a hand in murdering the sons of the Syrian people and destroying our  villages and cities. 

Syria's and Lebanon's internecine problem has moved way beyond the boundaries of a crisis between two nations and has become a regional and international pan-Arab problem.

We want to remind Lebanon and some few Lebanese – and the media which spreads the racist anti-refugee poison, taking the side of  the Syrian criminal murderer - that the Syrian people, in particular the residents of al-Quseir, , its agricultural environs and the agricultural area west of Damascus (Sunni regions) were the first to open their hearts and homes, to welcome you like dear and honored brothers, sharing their last piece of bread with you in the 2006 war (The Second  Lebanon War). Instead of being grateful, you repaid us with a stab in the back and base treachery, taking care to murder and destroy us in those very same regions. 

To all the racists, Hezbollah members, their backers and all the Assad supporters in Lebanon, we say: Look at the map, open your eyes wide, and note that Syria is the only land passage you have (to the rest of the Arab world). It is the lung which allows you to breathe. You will pay for the suffering you have inflicted on Syria and its people. Rest assured that on the same scale of our reliance on Allah, his existence and power, so we are going to make sure that Assad and his regime disappear – and we will grant no mercy to those who inflicted harm on our people.    

Translated from Hebrew by Rochel Sylvetsky

Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a senior lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University. He served in IDF Military Intelligence for 25 years, specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. Thoroughly familiar with Arab media in real time, he is frequently interviewed on the various news programs in Israel.


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Watch: Muslims begin returning to Temple Mount - Yoni Kempinski

by Yoni Kempinski

Hundreds of Muslims pass through metal detectors to visit Temple Mount despite Waqf ban as long as security measures are in place.

Muslims began returning to the Temple Mount Wednesday, even as the Waqf continued to order worshipers away from the holy site in protest against the installation of metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount following the deadly terrorist attack at the holy site last Friday in which two Druze police officers were murdered.

Hundreds of Muslims passed through the upgraded security to visit the Temple Mount Wednesday.

The Temple Mount had been closed for two days following the deadly terrorist attack and was reopened on Sunday. However, Waqf officials have refused to ascend the Mount, claiming that new security measures put in place following the attack infringed on the religious rights of Muslim worshipers.

Muslim clerics and Palestinian Authority leaders have called for a “Day of Rage” against the new security measures, encouraging Arabs to demonstrate in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.

With the Waqf temporarily absent, Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount took the opportunity to exercise their freedom of religion, but were escorted off the Mount by police and detained.

After the two separate incidents of Jewish prayer on the Mount, Jerusalem Police Commander Yoram Levy ordered the Temple Mount closed to Jewish visitors.

“Following an additional violation of the visitation rules for the Temple Mount by a group of Jewish visitors who ascended the Mount, Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Levy ordered the group removed from the area and Temple Mount closed to Jewish visitors,” a police spokesperson said.

Arab rioters attacked security forces and civilian cars in eastern Jerusalem Tuesday night and Monday morning, injuring two police officers and at least one Jewish civilian.

Yoni Kempinski


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Improving Muslim Integration: Sending in the Clowns - Bruce Bawer

by Bruce Bawer

The surreal world of Sweden's new migration policy.

If some of the things that are being done in Sweden today weren't demonstrably true, they'd be unbelievable. If they weren't so idiotically tragic, they'd be brilliantly funny.

What follows is not a joke. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his crew have come up with a great new way to improve integration.
One word: clowns.

A quick reminder: thanks to the astronomical cost of feeding, housing, and clothing immigrants who prefer not to support themselves, and the equally formidable expense of policing those multiculturally enriched, high-crime areas that the authorities haven't already given up on policing, Sweden is bleeding cash – big time. Among the results: major cutbacks in outlays for schooling, health care, and benefits for the elderly.

Nonetheless, the Swedish Migration Board has managed to find an unspecified number of kronor – apparently in the millions – to spend on the services of an organization called Clowner utan Gränser. Translation: Clowns without Borders (hereafter CWB). According to an article in the invaluable Friatider website, CWB plans to “'play' its way to better integration.”

The Migration Board specifies that the clowns will be used to integrate non-EU immigrants – which in Sweden, of course, mostly means Muslims.

After reading Friatider's story, I naturally went straight to CWB's website. Front and center is detailed information about how to contribute money to this thing: “Become a donor and spread laughter every month!”

Click on “about us” and you'll find out that CWB was founded in 1996 and operates in a dozen countries, sending clowns into refugee camps and youth prisons. CWB's declared mission is “to meet children in pleasure, play, and joy.” It seeks to create “hope, humanity, and the will to live.” Its vision is “a world filled with play, laughter, and dreams, where all people have the opportunity to develop, express themselves freely, and feel hope even in vulnerable situations.” All its work “is done in our belief that it creates a better world.”

Of course it would be terribly cynical to call B.S. on all this. I'm sure it's totally on the level and every bit as wondrous and magical as it sounds – and worth every kronor.

Just speaking for myself, however, the last thing I can imagine wanting to see if I were a little kid in a Third World refugee camp or youth prison would be a bunch of guys in clown outfits climbing out of a tiny car, juggling bowling pins, riding unicycles, making balloon animals, and sweeping up spotlights. Not to put too fine a point on it, but is any child ever really entertained by the antics of clowns? I've always had my doubts. All I know is that for as long as I can remember, clowns struck me me as witless, depressing, and vaguely creepy. Their costumes look as if they must be sweaty and smelly. A painted-on smile seems the very opposite of cheery. But hey, maybe that's just me.

Also, the whole premise reminds me of the notorious Jerry Lewis movie The Day the Clown Cried (1972), about a clown who entertains Jewish children on a train to Auschwitz and then on their way into the gas chambers. It was never released because it was considered to be in outrageously bad taste. Just sayin'.

I did react to one detail on CWB's site. It informs us that the group “is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.” What is that supposed to mean? As it happens, the convention in question is one of those ridiculous international agreements that are at best meaningless and at worst menacing, but that diplomats from countries like Sweden are crazy about. The U.S. is the only nation on earth to have refused to ratify it, one reason being that it can be interpreted as denying basic parental rights. (In the recent case of the critically ill baby Charlie Gard in the U.K., it was reported that the court's refusal to let the parents seek extraordinary treatment for their son was founded, at least in part, on the UN convention.) 
Needless to say, the fact that the convention has been ratified by every government on earth other than America's mean that it's gotten the stamp of approval from places where children are openly enslaved, prostituted, and put to work in factories. So CWB's pious mention of this hollow document – this empty, worthless specimen of pure technocratic sanctimony – is, for this reader, for what it's worth, something of a red flag.

But the main point here, obviously, is that the eagerness of the Swedish Migration Board to bring “play, laughter, and dreams” to Muslim children makes one thing perfectly clear: namely, that – even after all these years, all these immigrants, and all these failed efforts at integration – Swedish authorities still don't know the first damned thing about Islam. Have none of them ever come across the Ayatollah Khomeini's famous pronouncement on the subject of play and laughter? “Allah,” declared Khomeini, “did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

To reread Khomeini's ukase is to experience, shall we say, an increased curiosity as to the potential results of the Swedish Migration Board's inspired new initiative. What can happen? One imagines a troupe of these clowns dancing and frolicking their way into some no-go zone in Malmö and ending up in a decapitation video. One pictures some burka-clad version of Kathy Griffin posing for the camera, holding up a clown's real head by its fake red hair. Now that's one image that likely would bring a few laughs to some of the humor-deprived denizens of Rosengård or Rinkeby.

Bruce Bawer


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Another lopsided trade: Israel compromises, Palestinians keep everything - Shoshana Bryen

by Shoshana Bryen

That's the formula: economic development for the Palestinians and restraint on Israel.

On Friday, two Israeli policemen were murdered on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The same day, Seth Siegel wrote in The New York Times, "A Good Story about Israel and the Palestinians," detailing how Israeli and Palestinians sat on a dais to announce an update on the Red Sea-Dead Sea project. Siegel, author of Let There be Water, is probably Israel's greatest water expert, and his understanding of the challenges of water use and distribution in Israel and with its neighbors is unsurpassed. But what he passes off as a "good story" is simply the old story of Israel giving something to the Palestinians (and Jordan) in exchange for a phony smile.

The agreement includes no change in the Palestinian Authority's nasty attitude or incitement to violence against Israel. No decision to stop paying terrorists for killing Jews. There was condemnation of Israeli security measures after the murders from P.A. strongman Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah of Jordan, and the Arab League – not a positive comment from any of them about the water project. The extent of the good news appears to be that Palestinian water officials were permitted to accept Israeli-generated improvements in Palestinian life.

Reviewing Siegel's excellent book a year ago, I wrote:
Rawabi, a planned Palestinian community, is a case in point. Existing Palestinian-Israeli protocols require the two sides to meet to discuss new pipelines for the town, but for years the PA refused to convene a meeting on principle. After the developer was nearly bankrupt and the PA was telling the world Israel was withholding water from thirsty Palestinians, Israel finally just turned on the water. The PA called it a win, but for the Palestinians who invested in the construction of the town and the Palestinians who hoped to live and work there, the delay was no win at all.
Siegel acknowledges precisely that in the Times:
Beginning in 2008, the Palestinian leadership decided to turn water into a political tool to bludgeon Israel. The claim, which gained currency among some in the human rights community and the news media, was that Israel was starving Palestinians of water to oppress them and to break their economy. Never mind that Israel was scrupulously adhering to the Oslo Agreement and providing more than half of all of all of the water used by Palestinians in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority and its supporters began to speak of Israel's "water apartheid."
In short form: Palestinian leadership subjects its people to limited dirty water or no water so it can blame Israel for the limited dirty water or no water.

It did the same in Gaza, as I wrote then in covering Siegel's book:
Gaza is a disaster ready to happen – happening already, in fact – between illegal wells draining the aquifer, salt water running in to fill the space, and lack of sewage treatment. When Israel had farms inside Gaza, the deal was to supply an amount of water to Gaza authorities equal to the amount used by the farms. When, in 2005, Israel left Gaza, the government continued providing the water – and later doubled the amount. But that doesn't address the underlying issues.
The underlying issues are that a) Palestinian leadership – Hamas and the P.A. – is perfectly willing to force its people into misery; b) Israel can be counted on to ameliorate that misery to the best of its ability; c) to the extent that other people think Israel can do more to help the Palestinians, that's where the remonstrance goes, not to Hamas or to the P.A. for causing the problems in the first place. 

Expecting Israel to continue protecting the Palestinians from themselves, Siegel writes, "The strategic genius of the plan is that it weaves vital economic interests of these sometimes-antagonists together. Even should Jordan or the West Bank someday fall to radical rejectionists, it would be nearly impossible for those leaders to entirely break the water ties established here without creating substantial hardship for their populations."

"Substantial hardship for their people" is not an impediment as long as Israel can be blamed. Cement sent by Israel to Gaza for reconstruction following the 2014 Hamas-initiated missile war against Israel has been diverted to build tunnels for Hamas terrorists. Hamas hid weapons in UNRWA schools and hid its leadership under the main Gaza hospital during the war. And it is the P.A. that generated the current electricity shortage in Gaza, causing horrendous discomfort for the civilians of the Strip. How much less "radical rejectionists" (as if Hamas isn't a radical rejectionist) could care about civilians is unclear.

Richard Haas, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, told the JewishInsider last week, "I would emphasize economic development in the West Bank. I would work with the Israelis on placing some restraints on where they build settlements. I would focus a lot with Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians on crisis prevention in Jerusalem." 

That's the formula: economic development for the Palestinians and restraint on Israel. And "crisis prevention," which might mean stopping murderous terrorism by Palestinians against Jews – or it might not. He wasn't specific. Where is the burden placed on Palestinian leadership for the ruination of its own people?

President Trump's envoy, Jason Greenblatt, has said Mr. Trump wants the Palestinian economy and quality of life to improve. Most people of goodwill do – clearly, the Israelis do. The actual "good news" in the good news story is that not for the first time or the second time, Israel will try to ameliorate some of the difficulties endured by Palestinian civilians caused by the well known nastiness of those Palestinians' own leadership. 

Shoshana Bryen


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